Le Raid Des Hautes Fagnes

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The rdhf will attend the Happy Bike Days from O2 Bikers Magazin during the weekend of the 7 and 8 May in Malmedy.

It will be possible to register to our Mountain Bike Marathon during this event while taking advantage of the pre registration price (20 EUR + 10 EUR caution). Moreover, you will get an extra gift for any registration those days: a sport bottle “Raid Des Hautes Fagnes”.

The rdhf team

Le Raid Des Hautes Fagnes

The RDHF is the best mountain bike marathon race in Belgium.

3 races of 64 (1925 hm), 92 (2580 hm) and 116 km (3130 hm) will enable you to compete against the best bikers.

Any of the 3 races will enable you to discover the beautiful region of Malmedy whilesightseeing next to the best tourist spots of the heart of the Belgian Ardennes. The
tracks has changed taking the best spots from the start and finish. There will be more tham 3000MH on the 115km. Be ready for the ultimate Bike Race!



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