We have issued a open tracks.

This track includes the best part of the RDHF. We have taken out all parts that includes private roads.

The final 4 km are same for all tracks that makes the 66km a bit more difficult than the race.

For the ones that does not know about the RDHF: this tracks required really good technical skills.

Tracks and HM:

- 66 km - 1920 hms

- 87 km - 2275 hms

- 110 km - 2840 hms

Why do we do this?

In this way, you can enjoy the RDHF after the race or train yourself before it. These tracks will enable

you to discover the biggest natural reserve of Belgium.

The official race tracks is published on the web without rules and does not take into account the private

roads taht are not allowed out of the race date. This will soon or later kill the RDHF.

Why do we ask this request by e-mail?

Any riders that wish to get the open tracks will get along with it a warning message. This includes no

online record of this track.

Request by e-mail to :

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