Dear all bikers fans,

The Raid Des Hautes Fagnes is not a one man organization. We are a team of Mountain Bikefans who organizes a race to enable you to discover the region of Malmedy, the best place to practice Mountain Bike in Belgium.

Years after years, the Raid Des Hautes Fagnes has never stop to grow and celebrate this year its 20th anniversary.
The race that we suggest to you is organizable thanks to the help of a hundred volunteers.

For its 20th edition, the Raid Des Hautes Fagnes (RDHF) will remain the Ultimate Bike Race ofthe european level. This race will be a real challenge for any bikers with more than 3100hm on the 115km.

See you on the 24th June 2018! Have a good preparation!

Pierre Heindrichs
Decorama Montain Bike Team President


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